Yss, the Wanderess

A 26 year old woman who majored in Literature to feed her passion for reading and writing. She’s both a Journalism and an English teacher, however, she wants more from life, so she struggles in finishing her Master’s degree in Literature. While juggling a lot of responsibilities, she finds time to do Muay Thai, target shooting, and spending time with the people she considers close to her heart, her Dad mostly and a few trusted special friends. She may be a pessimist at times, but she believes in the goodness buried deep within people. She lost her Mom in 2016 – according to her the greatest pain she ever underwent – so along with her obligations to adulting, she’s grieving; and because she lost the very person dearest to her, she’ll speak her mind out of the blue. She’ll love the people she loves as if it was their last day on earth, because losing people she loves had become her greatest fear; and maybe it will stick.


2 thoughts on “Yss, the Wanderess

  1. Miss Yssa! 😀 It’s been a looong while since you last updated. I miss reading your stuff (although I hardly ever reply, haha–it might look awkward). I also figured to make my own blog, hehehe. Take care this 2015! xo

    • Hey Addie I’m so sorry, I just saw this hehe. I’ve been busy. But I’ve written a short story. I’m uploading it here. I hope you’ll have the time to read it. Please do comment after hehe. I will try my very best to post regularly. Thank you! Love yew!

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