At different boulevards


At the boulevard of broken hearts, I found you.

You were at the corner

indifferent of people passing you by.

I was at the center trying to figure you out

but you never, even once, looked my way.

There, people passed me by like hurricanes.

And as storms raged,

and the lights dimmed,

I tried to find my way out.

I escaped. I left no trace.

But you’re image, so beautiful,

stuck with me, for days.

So I went to every boulevard, hoping to find you once more.

And I did.

I just wasn’t sure which boulevard it was.

You were always at the corner,

always indifferent.

I was always at the center, always trying to figure you out.

But this time, you looked my way.

You smiled at me and I knew then

that having searched for you calls for a celebration.

We met at the middle. Indifferent of people passing us by.

Like then,

Storms continue to rage,

Lights continue to flicker,

But even when we’re both unaware of when the lights may dim,

I promise you;

I will never look for a way out,

I will stay.


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