Half past nine


In my younger days, half past nine was a late hour, half past nine was bedtime. But that Saturday night, half past nine was riding a bus, and I, ever unaware of the destination, happily goes with you for reasons I dare not speak out loud.

Half past nine is your bedtime, so as you prepared to sleep the journey off, you advised me to do the same, but I just couldn’t; because half past nine is not my bedtime, at least not anymore.

So as Betty Who sang to me about blue heaven midnight crushes and human touches, I looked outside the bus window, trying to figure out where we were; casually stealing a glance at you, trying to etch in my mind your face as you peacefully slept.

A few minutes after eleven, we got off the bus. We missed our destination, but it’s okay; because we kind of gotten used to the hang of having long walks when we’re together. As I went on ranting about the impulsive journey, I was also happy and grateful that I get to spend this moment with you alone.

For an hour or two, we ate late dinner over life conversations. This, no matter how cliche, is something I won’t get tired of doing with you.

I never finished that dinner; for I was too busy taking in the moment, the surrealism of it all. For I never thought that it would turn out to be that kind of getaway. The kind which makes a person believe in the beauty of unpreparedness, and impulsiveness.

There were a lot of things in my mind, but I never wanted that night to last, that’s for certain.

It was half past 3 when we arrived where we came from. As we rode the taxi before dawn broke, I sit silently beside you, as you slept, as I watched the city at its silent state, the moon as its only light. That moment, I closed my eyes, and thanked the heavens for giving me that quick overnight getaway with you.

It was half past four when you walked me to my front door. There are a lot of things I wanted to tell you then, but only “thank you” made it out. We hugged goodbye, and it was the best morning I’ve ever had in months.

“Thank you” would never suffice for the things you do for me. It will never tell you how much I appreciate you, how amazing you are to me, how truly grateful I am for your existence.

One day, maybe. I’d be able to tell you up front how much you mean to me. For now, thank you.


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