Thank you, 2015. Hello 2016. 

Looking back through my 2015 memories, I realized that it had been one of my happiest, and also my hardest year. I’ve waited in vain for work approvals that never came, my dreams slowly dying, my optimism leaving me day by day. My efforts were unrecognized despite working so hard. I had family, friendships, and love setbacks. I’ve been depressed most of the time, finding it hard to make myself happy. I turned to my books, reading stories that are not going to be mine; to art, painting images that never made sense; to music, singing songs that would hurt me more; to sleeping for hours, because I wanted so much to forget. A lot of times, I paused; from everything. I retreated from the world. Each time, I became stronger, and wiser. No matter how painful (emotionally, physically, even mentally), I braved them all. But also in this year, I’ve strengthened my bond with my family, my college bestie, my relatives; I’ve met a lot of great people (waves to my girl squad) that are worth keeping; I’ve witnessed beautiful weddings; I’ve learned a lot of things in grad school and in life experiences; I was given the chance to love, and be loved. Most importantly, I took risks, a lot of them. Some made me happy, some left me heartbroken, but at least I got to know myself more. This 2016, I’m never going to set goals. I will allow God to work on me, and my life. I will trust in Him, because really, I don’t know what life is meant for me. I don’t know what kind of woman I’m meant to become. Only He does, and I surrender.


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